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When William Faulkner penned THE LONG HOT SUMMER for the silver screen, it is probably pretty safe to assume that he did not have insurance needs in mind.  Yet, summer brings concerns that, while important all year long, are especially magnified due to typical summer activities.

“Per capita, the greater Phoenix area has more pools than most areas of the country,” says Jim Bivona, head of THE BIVONA GROUP, an Arizona insurance agency located in Glendale.  “As a result, we need to make sure that our homeowners insurance provides protection for any mishaps in our pools, and that it provides adequate coverage.”

While we hate to think about it, pool activity can lead to pool accidents, and these put us in jeopardy for liability in regard to law suits or, at the very least, medical expenses.  That’s why it would be wise if you have a pool for you to have your homeowners policy reviewed in regard to the type and amount of coverage it offers regarding pool mishaps.
Bivona, an Arizona insurance broker, also mentioned that if we have boats, we need to make sure that we neutralize our liability by having adequate coverage on our watercraft as well.  The type of craft, and amount of speed it can generate, will determine exactly what kind and how much coverage you will need.  Smaller and slower craft may be covered by your homeowner’s policy, but, according to THE INSURANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE larger, more powerful craft will undoubtedly mandate a separate marine policy.
“There are so many factors involved in this realm,” Bivona shared, “that there is no way we can give even a ballpark figure as to what the cost would be for insurance in Arizona.  However,” he added, sporting a knowing smile, “it truly is imperative that you check with your agent and see if your coverage is adequate.”
When you live in Phoenix, you may look forward to an annual migration to “beat the heat.”  This is often accomplished by jetting away to your destination and renting a car for your excursions in the area you visit.  The nightmares of having an accident in a rental car can go way beyond any physical injuries you might experience.  There are several entities that may cover you when you travel in a rented car – your own car insurance, your credit cards, and, of course, the insurance offered at the counter.  The latter typically offers liability protection for lawsuits, personal accident insurance for medical or ambulance needs, and personal effects coverage for theft of your items.  Before traveling, it is wise to discover how much of this coverage you have and how much you need to purchase.
“There are two things that we often don’t consider,” Bivona warned, “and both are vitally important to what we need.”
The first is, will you have to pay upfront for repairs and wait to be paid back, or will the insurer cover the cost right away?  And, in some instances, the rental company’s contract reads that you are responsible for paying the money that the car could be generating if it is out of operation for an extended period of time.  Both are sobering thoughts, to say the very least.
If you are unsure of what kind of coverage you have and how extensive it is in any of these areas, contact your agent.  Or, if you prefer, contact Jim Bivona at 623-256-1000 and he and his staff will be happy to review your policies for you.  Who you contact is irrelevant, but don’t wait until it is too late to find out that you don’t have the right, or enough, coverage!To learn more about the BIVONA INSURANCE GROUP go to www.bivonainsurance.com