If you’re a gambler you will love these odds:  The chance of someone being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million – and it’s even less likely for a plane to crash into your house!  If you live near Luke Air Force Base and thereby are buying insurance in Glendale, Arizona this is, undoubtedly, good news.  Even though the odds are in your favor, there still is a chance that you could have an aircraft joining you in your living room – just ask the residents of Virginia Beach.  On April 6, 2012 (Good Friday), an F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex there.  Fortunately, no one was killed.
And, it’s not just military airstrips that have a possibility of a crash taking place.  In the greater Glendale area you also have Glendale and Deer Valley Airports as well.  In fact, with flight patterns being what they are, it is even possible that a plane en route to or from Scottsdale Airport could present a problem.
Interestingly enough, the fact that the Valley of the Sun is a popular destination for snowbirds puts us at even greater risk that many other parts of the country.  Typically, we think that every country’s Aviation Boards demand the same type of safety precautions that ours does.  Such, however, is not the case.
Canada, for example, just this July adopted regulations that would mandate that six plus passenger turbine powered private jets be equipped with TAWS – Terrain Awareness Warning System, which alerts flight crews to obstacles in time to avoid collisions.  Denis Lebel, Canada’s Transport Minister, declared that “TAWS will help save lives.”
So, even though the odds are in your favor, the question is, if an aircraft landed on your humble abode, would you have insurance coverage?
“The good news is,” Jim Bivona of BIVONA INSURANCE GROUP, an insurance brokerage company in Glendale, Arizona, explained, “if you have an ‘all risk’ homeowners policy you would be covered. The better news is,’ he continued with a grin, “most policies are, in fact, ‘all risk.’”
While it appears that you probably are safe, at least where insurance is concerned, should your home be invaded by a misguided aircraft, it would probably behoove you to have your agent check out your policy just to ensure that you are, in fact, covered.  Or, if you prefer, you can contact Jim Bivona at 623-256-1000 and he and his staff will be happy to review your policy and advise you whether or not you are properly covered should an unwanted “guest” just “drop in”!!  Or, they could check just to make sure that your policy is “all risk.”
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