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I’m sure you are well familiar with the following statement:  “When you assume you make an …” Yeah, you know the rest!  That reminds me of something I always used to tell my students:  “The only ‘stupid’ question is the question not asked.”  With that thought in mind, and, knowing that regardless of our age, we are sometimes reluctant to ask questions, this might be the time for you to learn THREE FAQs, AND THEIR ANSWERS!, ABOUT WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION!

“I think,” Jim Bivona of Bivona Insurance Group, LLC, an Independent Insurance Agency that services the Phoenix Metro area regarding Insurance including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria, Arizona to name just a few, shared with a wry grin in his voice, “that, like Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, we’ll ‘start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.’”

  • What is Workmen’s Comp? – An Insurance Program, state mandated, that provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related illness or injuries. Each state has its own programs and laws, and to know those concerning your state you should research them on your own, or contact an Independent Insurance Agent to do the research for you.
  • Can an Employee be treated by their own doctor? If not, can an Employer’s doctor be trusted? – Again, each state has their own rules regarding this issue. However, typically an employee will have to go to a doctor provided by the employer initially. It is important to know, however, that the treating doctor’s report will have a big impact on the benefits received.
  • Does Worker’s Comp cover long-term problems and illnesses? – The short answer is “yes.” Conditions developed over a long period of time, such as back injuries, for example, may be covered by Workmen’s Comp.

As you can see, THREE FAQs, AND THEIR ANSWERS!, ABOUT WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION! certainly is not something you want to ignore if you ARE, in fact, intent on making sure your Company and Employees are adequately and completely protected!  As a result, you should contact Jim Bivona at 623-256-1000 with any questions, and he will be happy to discuss this concept with you in greater detail, and suggest some ways you may be able to improve your Business Coverage.

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